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Predestination and Election
Enoch 62:8 05/18/2010
Enoch 62:8 has been added!
ESV 03/28/2010
I have finished changing the version from NASV, ASV, KJV, ESV and NIV to just ESV.
Enoch 48:7-8 03/24/2010
Enoch 48:7-8 has been added!
Philippians 03/02/2010
Philippians has now been added!
Finished! 01/20/2010
Predestination Passages is finally finished! 
Revelation 01/20/2010
Revelation has now been added!
Jude 01/20/2010
Jude has now been added! 
1st Peter 12/17/2009
1st Peter has now been added!
Titus 12/17/2009
Titus has been added! 
2 Timothy 10/26/2009
2 Timothy has now been added!